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FB::URI Class Reference

Data structure for dealing with URI strings. More...

#include "URI.h"

Public Member Functions

 URI ()
 Initializes an empty FB::URI object. More...
 URI (const std::string &str_uri)
 Initializes a FB::URI object by decoding the input URL. More...
bool operator== (const URI &right) const
 Compares two FB::URI objects. More...
std::string toString (bool include_domain_part=true) const
 converts the FB::URI object to a string More...
void appendPathComponent (const std::string &pc)
std::string filename () const
std::string UrlDirectory () const
 Returns current Directory from the url of the page. More...
bool isLocalhost () const
void parse_query_data (const std::string &in_str)
 Parses a urlencoded QueryString and stores the results in the URI. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string url_decode (const std::string &in)
 Decodes the given urlencoded URL. More...
static std::string url_encode (const std::string &in)
 Encodes the given URL for transmission. More...
static URI fromString (const std::string &in_str)
 Returns a URI object from the given string. More...
static void resetValidLocalhost ()
static void registerValidLocalhost (std::string domain, std::string ip="")

Detailed Description

Data structure for dealing with URI strings.

FB::URI my_uri("");
// my_uri.protocol == "http"
// my_uri.login = "frank"
// my_uri.domain == ""
// my_uri.port == 0 (indicating default port)
// my_uri.path == "/some/path"
// my_uri.query_data["myqData"] == "asdf"
// my_uri.fragment == "fdsa"

Definition at line 42 of file URI.h.

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