FireBreath  1.4.0
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void NpapiBrowserHost::evaluateJavaScript ( const std::string &  script)

Evaluates arbitrary javascript; note that it does not return the result due to cross- browser compatibility issues.

scriptThe script to evaluate.

Implements FB::BrowserHost.

Definition at line 210 of file NpapiBrowserHost.cpp.

References FB::BrowserHost::assertMainThread().

211 {
213  NPVariant retVal;
214  NPVariant tmp;
216  this->getNPVariant(&tmp, FB::variant(script));
218  if (!m_htmlWin)
219  throw std::runtime_error("Cannot find HTML window");
222  if (this->Evaluate(m_htmlWin->getNPObject(),
223  &tmp.value.stringValue, &retVal)) {
224  this->ReleaseVariantValue(&retVal);
225  /* Throw away returned variant. NPN_Evaluate supports returning
226  stuff from JS, but ActiveX IHTMLWindow2::execScript does not */
227  return;
228  } else {
229  throw script_error("Error executing JavaScript code");
230  }
231 }
Accepts any datatype, used in all interactions with javascript. Provides tools for getting back out t...
Definition: variant.h:198
void assertMainThread() const
When running in debug mode, asserts that the call is made on the main thread.

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