FireBreath  1.4.0
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void FB::JSObject::InvokeAsync ( const std::string &  methodName,
const std::vector< variant > &  args 

Just like Invoke, but works asynchronously. Useful for javascript callbacks and events. Can be safely called from any thread.

methodNameName of the method.
argsThe arguments.
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Definition at line 90 of file JSObject.h.

91  {
92  BrowserHostPtr host(m_host.lock());
93  if (!host) {
94  throw std::runtime_error("Cannot invoke asynchronously");
95  }
96  host->ScheduleOnMainThread(shared_from_this(), boost::bind(&JSObject::_invokeAsync, this, args, methodName));
97  }
boost::shared_ptr< FB::BrowserHost > BrowserHostPtr
Defines an alias representing a BrowserHost shared_ptr (you should never use a BrowserHost* directly)...
Definition: APITypes.h:117