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variant FB::JSAPI::GetProperty ( const std::wstring &  propertyName)

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

Reimplemented in FB::JSAPIProxy.

Definition at line 386 of file JSAPI.h.

References FB::wstring_to_utf8().

Referenced by FB::Npapi::NPObjectAPI::GetProperty().

387  {
388  return GetProperty(wstring_to_utf8(propertyName));
389  }
virtual variant GetProperty(const std::wstring &propertyName)
Definition: JSAPI.h:386
std::string wstring_to_utf8(const std::wstring &src)
Accepts a std::wstring and returns a UTF8-encoded std::string.
Definition: utf8_tools.cpp:37

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