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ElementPtr FB::DOM::Element::getElementById ( const std::string &  elem_id) const

Gets an element from the DOM with the specified id.

elem_idIdentifier for the element.
The element by identifier.

Reimplemented in FB::ActiveX::AXDOM::Document.

Definition at line 83 of file ScriptingCore/DOM/Element.cpp.

References FB::variant_list_of().

84 {
85  JSObjectPtr api =
86  callMethod<JSObjectPtr>("getElementById", variant_list_of(id));
87  return Element::create(api);
88 }
boost::shared_ptr< FB::JSObject > JSObjectPtr
Defines an alias representing a JSObject shared_ptr (you should never use a JSObject* directly) ...
Definition: APITypes.h:109
FB::detail::VariantListInserter variant_list_of(FB::variant v)
Allows convenient creation of an FB::VariantList.
Definition: variant_list.h:122
static ElementPtr create(const FB::JSObjectPtr &api)
Creates a FB::DOM::Element object from a JSObjectPtr representing a DOM object. This will probably th...

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