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static DocumentPtr FB::DOM::Document::create ( const FB::JSObjectPtr api)

Creates a FB::DOM::Document object from a JSObjectPtr representing a DOM object. This will probably throw an exception and definitely not work right if the DOM object represented is not a document.

apiThe FB::JSObjectAPI object containing the document to wrap
FB::DOM::DocumentPtr to the created Document object

Definition at line 64 of file ScriptingCore/DOM/Document.h.

Referenced by FB::ActiveX::AXDOM::Window::getDocument(), FB::DOM::Window::getDocument(), FB::Npapi::NpapiBrowserHost::getDOMDocument(), and FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHost::getDOMElement().

64  {
65  if (!api) { return DocumentPtr(); }
66  return api->getHost()->_createDocument(api);
67  }
boost::shared_ptr< Document > DocumentPtr
shared_ptr for a FB::DOM::Document