FireBreath  1.4.0
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void FB::BrowserHost::releaseJSAPIPtr ( const FB::JSAPIPtr obj) const

releases the specified JSAPI object to allow it to be invalidated and freed. This is done automatically for all retained objects on shutdown


Definition at line 253 of file BrowserHost.cpp.

254 {
255  boost::recursive_mutex::scoped_lock _l(m_jsapimutex);
256  std::list<FB::JSAPIPtr>::iterator it = std::find_if(m_retainedObjects.begin(), m_retainedObjects.end(), boost::lambda::_1 == obj);
257  if (it != m_retainedObjects.end()) {
258  m_retainedObjects.erase(it);
259  }
261  if (isMainThread())
263 }
bool isMainThread() const
Query if this object is on the main thread.
virtual void DoDeferredRelease() const =0
Releases any browser-specific objects that were destroyed on a thread other than the main thread...