FireBreath  1.4.0
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void FB::BrowserHost::shutdown ( void  )

Notifies the browserhost object that the associated plugin object is shutting down.

This triggers events such as releasing all JSAPI objects that have been passed to the browser and disables cross-thread calls (since our context is going away if the plugin is shutting down)


Reimplemented in FB::Npapi::NpapiBrowserHost, and FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHost.

Definition at line 87 of file BrowserHost.cpp.

Referenced by FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHost::shutdown(), and FB::Npapi::NpapiBrowserHost::shutdown().

88 {
89  BOOST_FOREACH(FB::JSAPIPtr ptr, m_retainedObjects) {
90  // Notify each JSAPI object that we're shutting down
91  ptr->shutdown();
92  }
94  boost::upgrade_lock<boost::shared_mutex> _l(m_xtmutex);
95  m_isShutDown = true;
96  _asyncManager->shutdown();
97  m_streamMgr.reset();
98 }
boost::shared_ptr< FB::JSAPI > JSAPIPtr
Defines an alias for a JSAPI shared_ptr (you should never use a JSAPI* directly)
Definition: APITypes.h:94
void freeRetainedObjects() const
releases all JSAPI objects that have been passed to the browser