FireBreath  1.4.0
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FB::DOM::ElementPtr ActiveXBrowserHost::getDOMElement ( )

Gets a DOM::Element wrapper for the DOM/JS object tag that the plugin resides in.

The dom element.
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Implements FB::BrowserHost.

Definition at line 110 of file ActiveXBrowserHost.cpp.

References FB::DOM::Document::create().

111 {
112  CComQIPtr<IOleControlSite> site(m_spClientSite);
113  CComPtr<IDispatch> dispatch;
114  site->GetExtendedControl(&dispatch);
115  CComQIPtr<IHTMLElement2> htmlElement(dispatch);
116  return DOM::Document::create(IDispatchAPI::create(htmlElement, ptr_cast<ActiveXBrowserHost>(shared_from_this())));
117 }
static DocumentPtr create(const FB::JSObjectPtr &api)
Creates a FB::DOM::Document object from a JSObjectPtr representing a DOM object. This will probably t...

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