FireBreath  1.4.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNFBPrimary location of FireBreath classes and utility functions
||oCNpapiBrowserHostProvides a FB::BrowserHost implementation for Npapi
||oCNPObjectAPIProvides a FB::JSObject implementation that wraps a NPObject*
||\CNpapiAsyncDrawServiceProvides a D3d10AsyncDrawService implementation for NPAPI
|oNDOMThese are convenience objects used to access and manipulate DOM objects. They should never be created directly; instead, get the Window object or the Document object from the BrowserHost or create it with DOM::Element::create(obj) (or similar)
||oCDocumentAbstraction for accessing and manipulating a DOM Document
||oCElementDOM Element wrapper
||oCNodeDOM Node wrapper
||\CWindowDOM Window abstraction for manipulating and accessing the javascript window object that the plugin is contained in
|||oCDocumentActiveX specific implementation of DOM::Document
|||oCElementActiveX specific implementation of DOM::Element
|||oCNodeProvides an ActiveX specific implementation of DOM::Node
|||\CWindowActiveX specific implementation of DOM::Window
||oCActiveXAsyncDrawServiceProvides a D3d10AsyncDrawService implementation for ActiveX
||oCActiveXBrowserHostProvides a BrowserHost implementation for ActiveX
||\CIDispatchAPIProvide a JSObject implementation to wrap a IDispatch ActiveX object
|oCAsyncDrawServiceAsynchronous drawing service base class
|oCBrowserPluginBrowser-specific plugin base class
|oCBrowserStreamThis is the abstract base class (interface class) for a browser stream
||\CRangeSpecifies the range for a read range request (start to end) in bytes
|oCBrowserStreamRequestInformation about an HTTP request to be made
|oCDefaultBrowserStreamHandlerSimple implementation of a stream event handler from which you can derive your own stream events handler
|oCFactoryBaseThis is the base factory for a plugin. Every plugin must implement this class and override at least the createPlugin() method. To futher customize your plugin, you can override other methods to replace the PluginWindow or the NpapiPlugin class
|oCPluginCoreBase class for all FireBreath Plugins
|oCPluginEventPlugin event base class
|oCAttachedEventFired when a PluginEventSink is attached to a PluginEventSource (such as a PluginCore derived plugin object being attached to a PluginWindow to get events)
|oCDetachedEventFired when a PluginEventSink is detached from a PluginEventSource (such as a PluginCore derived plugin object being detached from a PluginWindow to get events)
|oCChangedEventFired when a PluginEventSink has changed in some fundamental way that the plugin needs to know about, such as a different drawing context being provided by the browser to a PluginWindow
|oCResizedEventFired when the plugin window is resized
|oCClipChangedEventFired when the clipping of the plugin drawing area changes
|oCRefreshEventFired when the plugin should repaint itself (such as on windows when WM_PAINT is received)
|oCQuickDrawDrawMac QuickDraw Draw event
|oCCoreGraphicsDrawMac CoreGraphics Draw event
|oCFocusChangedEventFired when the focus changes
|oCTimerEventFired when a timer event is received; currently this only works on windows and is fired when WM_TIMER is received
|oCKeyEventFired for a key event
|oCKeyUpEventFired for a key up event
|oCKeyDownEventFired for a key down event
|oCTextEventUsed at least on Mac, possibly elsewhere; gives us text
|oCMacEventCarbonCarbon Mac event
|oCMacEventCocoaCocoa mac event
|oCMouseEventFired when a mouse event occurs
|oCMouseMoveEventFired when the mouse moves
|oCMouseButtonEventFired when a mouse button event occurs
|oCMouseDownEventFired when a mouse down event occurs
|oCMouseDoubleClickEventFired when a mouse double click event occurs
|oCMouseUpEventFired when a mouse up event occurs
|oCMouseScrollEventFired when the user moves the scrollwheel
|oCMouseEnteredEventFired when the user moves mouse over the plugin
|oCMouseExitedEventFired when the user moves mouse away from the plugin
|oCStreamEventBase class for all stream events
|oCStreamCreatedEventThis event is fired when the given stream was created
|oCStreamFailedOpenEventThis event is fired when a stream failed to open, e.g. the url was invalid or a seekable stream was requested while the server provided only a non-seekable stream
|oCStreamCompletedEventThis event is fired when a stream has completed downloading
|oCWindowsEventGeneric windows event. All windows events going through the winproc get first fired as a WindowEvent and then fired as the specific type, allowing you to handle them either way
|oCX11EventGeneric X11 event
|oCX11NativeGdkEventClass encapsulation for native Gdk event
|oCX11NativeGdkEventExposeClass encapsulation for native Gdk expose event
|oCPluginEventSinkPlugin event sink; all objects that can receive PluginEvent s should inherit from this class. Most notably, PluginCore extends this class
|oCPluginEventSourceBase class for any object, such as BrowserStream or PluginWindow, that needs to fire events to a PluginEventSink object (such as a PluginCore derived plugin class)
|oCPluginWindowPluginWindow is the base class for all PluginWindow objects
|oCHttpStreamResponseData structure to hold the response to an HTTP Get request
|oCSimpleStreamHelperHelper class for making simple HTTP requests
|oCTimerTimer Utility
|oCTimerServiceTimerService Utility
|oCWinMessageWindowCreates a message window. Don't touch this if you don't understand what you are doing
|oCCatchAllWhen used as a parameter on a JSAPIAuto function this matches 0 or more variants – in other words, all other parameters from this point on regardless of type
|oCMethodInfoUsed by FB::JSAPISimple to store information about a method
|oCPropertyInfoUsed by FB::JSAPISimple to store information about a property
|oCPropertyFunctorsUsed by FB::JSAPIAuto to store property implementation details, created by FB::make_property()
|oCAsyncLogRequestThis class is used by BrowserHost for the BrowserHost::AsyncHtmlLog method
|oCBrowserHostBrowser host base class
|oCJSAPIJavaScript API class – provides a javascript interface that can be exposed to the browser
|oCscoped_zonelockProvides a helper class for locking
|oCJSAPIAutoJSAPI class with automatic argument type enforcement
|oCJSAPIImplJavaScript API base class implementation – provides basic functionality for C++ JSAPI objects
|oCJSAPIProxyJavaScript API Wrapper – this can wrap any type of JSAPI object and be passed back to any browser that
|oCJSAPISimpleSimple JSAPI implementation for those who for whatever reason don't want to use JSAPIAuto
|oCscript_errorException type; when thrown in a JSAPI method, a javascript exception will be thrown
|oCinvalid_argumentsThrown by a JSAPI object when the argument(s) provided to a SetProperty or Invoke call are found to be invalid. JSAPIAuto will throw this automatically if the argument cannot be convert_cast to the type expected by the function
|oCobject_invalidatedThrown by a JSAPI object when a call is made on it after the object has been invalidated
|oCinvalid_memberThrown when an Invoke, SetProperty, or GetProperty call is made for a member that is invalid (does not exist, not accessible, only supports Get or Set, etc)
|oCJSObjectWraps a Javascript Object
|oCSafeQueueBasic thread-safe queue class
|oCTypeIDMapBidirectional map between an identifier and a variant
|oCURIData structure for dealing with URI strings
|oCbad_variant_castThrown when variant::cast<type> or variant::convert_cast<type> fails because the type of the value stored in the variant is not compatible with the operation
|oCvariantAccepts any datatype, used in all interactions with javascript. Provides tools for getting back out the type you put in or for coercing that type into another type (if possible)
|oCPluginEventMacCarbonMac OS X Carbon specific implementation of PluginEventMac
|oCPluginEventMacCocoaMac OS X Cocoa specific implementation of PluginEventMac
|oCPluginWindowlessWinWindows specific implementation of PluginWindow
|oCPluginWindowWinWindows specific implementation of PluginWindow
|\CPluginWindowX11X11 specific implementation of PluginWindow
\CContentFired when DPI settings change (e.g. when moving webbrowser window between Retina and non-Retina displays)